Crane Hire
SWC Cranes
Why Hire a Crane?
If you have a large-scale construction project on your hands, you need large-scale equipment to get the job done. Our professional cranes are designed and tested to carry wide capacities and transport heavy loads, allowing you to work more efficiently than ever before
Large Tree Cutting Cranes
Competitive Rates
Every project has a budget. At Sydney Wide Cranes & Large Tree Professionals, we provide highly-competitive rates to ensure that you receive quality crane hire at a cost-effective rate. Give us a call to learn about the specifics of our hourly rates.
Tree Removal service
Other Equipment Hire
Sometimes you need a few extra machines to speed up the construction or removal process. In addition to crane hire, we also offer large trucks and chippers for you to get the job done. Get in touch with one of our experts for details on our additional lifting equipment.
Large Tree Removal Cranes
Professional Operators
The right equipment can only go so far without the right operator. Our trained professionals know how to manoeuvre your transportation or lifting equipment so you can feel safe on-site. Call us to find out how our experienced crane driver can help with your construction.

Memberships You Can Trust

Our company holds memberships with a number of reputable councils, including Advanced Safety Systems Australia, the Crane Industry Council of Australia and Crane Safe.

Expert Mobile Crane Hire in Western Sydney

We have been a trusted name for crane hire services throughout Sydney for many years and we are renowned as one of Sydney's premier crane companies. We have a fleet of diversified cranes right from light duty to heavy duty cranes that assist construction activities in residential or large industrial buildings. We have built a strong reputation as a leading crane hiring service due to our high-quality skilled work, our integrity in completing tasks and our attention to professional service, especially in Western Sydney. One of the most versatile cranes that we have is the mobile crane. These cranes can be used to effectively carry out a wide variety of tasks across various terrains. A mobile crane can move in cramped construction spaces easily and perform tasks similar to a normal crane. Once a mobile crane reaches the right place, it can start operating at once, unlike stationary cranes that need a lot of start-up time. We have mobile cranes equipped to carry out all types of tasks including heavy-duty lifting or light-duty work Our team of experts can quickly handle the crane easily in difficult to move spaces and carry out work with less labouring time. All our staff are trained to perform complex movements professionally using cranes in a short amount of time. No mobile crane service task is too difficult for our experts. Call us now for any kind of crane hire in Western Sydney. Parramatta, Windsor, Blue Mountains, Fairfield, Blacktown, Bankstown, Penrith, Cumberland.

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